inteem! Corp specializes in product development and consulting on sophisticated projects for education, entertainment and marketing. Our focus is the the user experience, whether that user is a 15 year old game player, a 75 year old person, new to computers and trying to make a first-time purchase, or an experienced computer professional seeking to learn the latest technology.


Eric H. Roffman, the founder of inteem! has worked for IBM, creating demonstrations of new technology in the Internet and Research Divisions that have been shown all over the world, and featured in some of Lou Gerstner's most important presentations.

He was the first segment editor for the IBM HotMedia web site, and has worked on web sites for CBS, CVS, the Olympics, The Comedy Channel, Sundance, and many others. He founded, edited and published The American Film Magazine, an independent journal, and as President of PMI, invented and developed a prize winning multimedia CD-ROM game. His clients have included Citibank and Chase, Exxon, Hyperion, Morgan Stanley, Fannie Mae, and Squibb, on projects that have ranged from low level C++ coding, to design and development of diverse banking systems, to user interface design, to projections of future technology, to on-line training.


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